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  • Inheritance Agreement

    The Inheritance Agreement is a legal transaction among living heirs. A prerequisite for such an agreement is that all heirs must mutually agree on its contents.  


    Advantages of an agreement:

    • Statutory forced shares can be excluded.
    • It allows the inclusion of a most favored treatment clause which can benefit individual heirs.

    Examples of possible disadvantages include:

    • All heirs, and in particular those who are entitled to receive a statutory forced share, must agree with and also sign such an agreement.
    • The agreement must be officially notarized.
    • Should any change be made to the agreement later on, then all heirs must again express their mutual agreement to the same.
    • Any cancellation and/or changes to the agreement will require notarization.

    If such an agreement is an option for you, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly advise you in more detail on its possible contents. At your request we can also draft an agreement customized to your specific situation.

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